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Sacred Scent Perfumed Oil Sacred Scent

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Sacred Scent Perfumed Oil 'Sacred Scent Fragrance' - 8.5ml Bottle

This fragrance embodies all the qualities of the Brand Sacred Scent Perfumed Oils. It is fresh, long lasting and exotic fragrance which will take you on an olfactory journey like never before. Made with carefully distilled plant, leaves and root extracts, the fragrance has a delightful character that is enhanced by heady floral notes and enhanced by resinous, pine, rosemary and myrrh. The final notes sing of the earth with the predominant tone of sandalwood and musk.

Sacred Scent perfumes are extremely popular and are made to apply straight to your skin. They come in heaps of different scents so you can easily find one that suits you and your personality. On top of their amazing scent they also carry the aroma-therapeutic benefits of the essential oils. 

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