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Sacred Scent Perfumed Oil Vanilla Dream

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Sacred Scent Perfumed Oil Vanilla Dream - 8.5ml Bottle

The fresh smell of vanilla when blended with a sweet and thick smell of caramel gives you this amazingly warm perfume Vanilla Dream from Scared Scent. The honey like spicy and sweet smell of this perfume reminds you of days spent in the company of loved ones, cooking and sharing meals together. Of sitting around a warm fire sipping hot vanilla and caramel milk. When you need some tender loving care and want someone to hug you in a close and safe embrace, apply a few drops of Vanilla Dream Perfume Oil by Scared Scent to evoke the same warm, loved and safe feeling.

Sacred Scent perfumes are extremely popular and are made to apply straight to your skin. They come in heaps of different scents so you can easily find one that suits you and your personality. On top of their amazing scent they also carry the aroma-therapeutic benefits of the essential oils.