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Sacred Scent Perfumed Oil Green Tea & Lime

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Sacred Scent Perfumed Oil Green Tea & Lime - 8.5ml Bottle

When in need of a perk me up, there is nothing better than an energizing brew of antioxidant rich green tea with a dash of citrusy, sour lime. The same refreshing fragrance is captured in this light and lovely perfume from Sacred Scent. The top notes are a leafy green spiced with vanilla and a touch of amber, followed by the lighter notes of citrus, lime, neroli and mandarins. Apply a little bit of this perfume oil and feel instantly refreshed.

Sacred Scent perfumes are extremely popular and are made to apply straight to your skin. They come in heaps of different fragrances so you can easily find one that suits you and your personality. On top of their amazing scent they also carry the aroma-therapeutic benefits of the essential oils.