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Using Bubble Bags for Botanical Extraction

June 06, 2023 5 min read

Using Bubble Bags for Botanical Extraction - FULL GUIDE

Botanical extraction is a popular method for obtaining pure and potent extracts from various plant materials. When it comes to achieving exceptional results, using bubble bags can make a significant difference. Bubble bags, specifically designed for botanical extraction, offer efficient and reliable separation of trichomes from the plant material. In this quick guide, we will walk you through the essential steps of using bubble bags to extract high quality botanical concentrates.

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Botanical extraction using bubble bags offers several advantages, including enhanced extraction efficiency, preservation of quality and potency and versatility for different extraction methods. By understanding the process and following the right techniques you can maximize the yield and quality of your botanical extracts. Lets dive into the step-by-step process of using bubble bags for botanical extraction.

Selecting the Right Bubble Bags.

Before you begin the extraction process, its crucial to select the appropriate bubble bags for your desired outcome. Consider the following factors: 

A. Consider the desired outcome and botanical material: 

  • Micron Size: Different bubble bags have varying micron sizes which determine the size of the particles that can pass through the bags mesh. For high grade extracts with a higher concentration of trichomes, choose bubble bags with smaller micron sizes (such as 73 or 90 microns). If you prefer more plant material in the extract, opt for larger micron sizes (such as 160 or 220 microns). 
  • Examples: If you're extracting delicate trichomes, a 73-micron bubble bag would be suitable. For herbal extracts with more plant material, a 160-micron bag may be more appropriate. 

B. Opt for high quality and durable bubble bags: To ensure reliable and long lasting performance, invest in bubble bags that exhibit the following characteristics:

  •  Stitching: Check for strong and well constructed stitching along the seams of the bubble bags. This ensures they can withstand repeated use and agitation. 
  • Material Thickness: Choose bubble bags made from thick and durable materials that can endure the extraction process without tearing or wearing out. 
  • Longevity: Consider the longevity of the bubble bags. Look for brands or products with positive reviews regarding their durability and longevity, as you want them to last through multiple extraction sessions. 

By carefully selecting the right bubble bags, you can optimize your extraction process and achieve the desired results. In the next section, we will discuss the necessary preparation steps before beginning the extraction process.

Preparation : Getting Ready

To ensure a smooth and successful extraction process, proper preparation is essential. Follow these steps to get everything ready: 

A. Gather the necessary equipment: 

  1. Bubble Bags: Ensure you have the appropriate bubble bags with the desired micron sizes for your extraction. 
  2. Clean Buckets or Containers: Prepare clean buckets or containers that are large enough to accommodate the volume of water, ice, and botanical material. 
  3. Mixing Spoon or Paddle: Use a clean mixing spoon or paddle to agitate the mixture during the extraction process. 
  4. Cold Water and Ice: Fill your buckets with cold water and have enough ice on hand to maintain low temperatures throughout the process. 
  5. Botanical Material: Prepare the botanical material you wish to extract. Ensure it is clean, dry & ready for processing. 

 B. Set up your workspace: 

  •  Choose a Clean, Well-Ventilated Area: Select a dedicated workspace that is free from contaminants and provides good ventilation to avoid any unwanted odors or fumes. 
  • Arrange the Buckets, Tools and Bubble Bags: Set up your workspace by arranging the buckets, mixing spoon or paddle and bubble bags within easy reach for convenient access during the extraction process. 

By gathering all the necessary equipment and setting up your workspace beforehand, you'll be well prepared to begin the extraction process. In the next section, we will guide you through the step-by-step extraction process using bubble bags.

THE Extraction Process:

Now that you have your equipment ready, its time to start the extraction process using bubble bags. Follow these steps for successful botanical extraction: 

A. Place the desired bubble bag with the smallest micron size into the bucket: 

  • Ensure the bubble bag is securely fitted inside the bucket, with the opening folded over the rim for easy pouring later. 

B. Fill the bucket with cold water and add ice to maintain low temperatures: 

  • Fill the bucket with enough cold water to submerge the botanical material. 
  • Add ice to the water to keep the temperature low throughout the extraction process. Cold temperatures help preserve the quality of the extract. 

C. Add the botanical material to the bucket: 

  • Gently place the botanical material into the water filled bucket. Make sure it is fully submerged.

D. Agitate the mixture gently using the mixing spoon or paddle:

  • Stir the mixture in a circular motion for a few minutes. This agitation helps the trichomes detach from the plant material. 

E. Allow the mixture to settle briefly, allowing trichomes to separate: 

  • After agitating, let the mixture sit for a short period, typically 15 to 30 minutes, to allow the trichomes to settle at the bottom of the bucket. 

F. Carefully lift the bubble bag out of the bucket, allowing the water to drain: 

  • Lift the bubble bag out of the bucket while keeping the opening folded over the rim. 
  • Allow the water to drain from the bag, taking care not to disturb the settled trichomes at the bottom. 

G. Repeat the process with bubble bags of progressively larger micron sizes: 

  • Repeat steps A to F with bubble bags of larger micron sizes, following the same gentle agitation and settling process. 
  • Start with the smallest micron bag and gradually work your way up to larger micron bags to collect different grades of extract. 

H. Collect the extracted material from each bag and set it aside for drying: 

  • Once you have drained each bubble bag, carefully collect the extracted material from each bag placing it on a clean surface or drying tray. 
  • Allow the extracted material to dry thoroughly according to your preferred method, such as air drying or using a designated drying rack. 

Congratulations! You have successfully completed the extraction process using bubble bags.

Bubble Bags, Summing Up:

Using bubble bags for botanical extraction can significantly improve the quality and efficiency of your extraction process. By selecting the right bubble bags, preparing properly, following the extraction steps and maintaining your bubble bags you can achieve excellent results. 

 Through experimentation and note taking, you'll refine your techniques and achieve optimal outcomes for your botanical extracts. Enjoy the journey of botanical extraction with bubble bags and savour the rewards of your own high quality extracts. 

 Now that you have a comprehensive understanding of the process, it's time to gather your equipment, select your bubble bags and embark on your botanical extraction adventure. Happy extracting!

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