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From purifying a space with negative energies, to inducing a sense of calm and feeling of peace, white sage and palo santo are the two ultimate spiritual healers. Whether it’s a bad day at the office or you just need a general cleanse, the intoxicating aroma of white sage creates a purifying scent that significantly improves your overall well-being. While palo santo, the holy wood, will give your atmosphere a burst of positivity with a beautiful woody fragrance with subtle citrus after-tones.

White sage is probably the more popular out of the two. It can be used on it's own as a loose leaf, rolled into smudge sticks and also made into an incense.

Palo santo is a must try for anyone who loves white sage and hasn't used palo santo before. Palo Santo translates to mean “holy wood” and is said to have similar healing properties to that of white sage.


The ancient ritual of burning sage, also known as smudging, derives from spiritual ceremonies of the Indigenous peoples of the Americas where sacred herbs would be burnt to provide cleansing or blessings. Now commonly used throughout the world, white sage incense is understood to manifest positive energies while dispelling negative ones.

Not only a spiritual enhancer, white sage has antibacterial properties that help to clear away nasty toxins and chemicals that we are exposed to throughout our day-to-day lives. The plant also does wonders for those of us with allergies, as it alleviates symptoms that are caused from exposure to dust, pollen and mould. If that’s not enough, studies have suggested that smudging improves quality of sleep, boosts energy levels and enhances cognition.

Where is white sage grown?

At The Hippie House, all of our white sage incense is ethically-sourced from either the USA or right here in Australia. Working closely with local families in the coastal mountains of Southern California, our white sage incense is sustainably harvested from legally-approved areas in conjunction with the regulatory guidelines of the California Department of Fish and Wildlife. Additionally, all pickers are certified in compliance with California law, who trim the bushes in a way that allows them to be re-harvested so they continue to grow.

Our Australian white sage is sourced from a large farm in the Snowy Mountains, with cold winters that the plant thrives on. Completely organic and free from chemical sprays, the white sage is grown naturally and hand-picked.

Dispelling negative energies

Whether you’re using a smudge stick or hand-rolled incense, the heavenly fragrance and purifying properties of white sage can be utilised at home, in the office, or anywhere you feel the need for a cleansing. The scent will work equally well in dispelling bad vibes in any space or room, as well as on the body. Just make sure to open any windows and doors to allow the negative energies a pathway to leave.

Once you’ve lit the white sage and have it gently smoking, you can begin the cleanse by walking or fanning the incense around the room. Allow the scent to linger on the areas of concern so that they can fully work their magic. Traditionally, a feather has been used to direct the smoke, however this is optional. You can also smudge objects like furniture or jewellery that might have bad juju, or use the incense to acknowledge the spiritual sanctity of an item.

It is important to keep in mind that these practices are sacred to ancient cultures of the Americas. The plants and rituals must be treated with respect when engaging in these traditions.


If you’re not into the scent of white sage, or you just want to try something different, Palo Santo is a great alternative. Grown in South America and used in traditional Incan rituals, Palo Santo translates to mean “holy wood” and is said to have similar healing properties to that of white sage. The wood also has a unique scent which is beloved in South America, with a sweet and woodsy aroma coupled with hints of citrus.

Our Palo Santo is ethically-sourced from Peru, where our supplier harvests the wood under closely-monitored government regulations. Palo Santo retains its sacred properties only if the timber is collected four years after the tree has fallen. Heavy fines or imprisonment can apply for cutting down living trees, with dead wood only allowed to be picked up from authorised areas and with a permit. Local villagers are employed to cut the timber down into smaller pieces before the wood is taken away, helping to support the villages from which the sacred tree originates.

Where to purchase?

When you purchase incense from The Hippie House, you can have peace of mind knowing we only source our products from ethically-sourced and environmentally-sustainable suppliers. We hold deep respect for these ancient traditions and hope that you can enjoy the benefits of these mystical plants.

We’re proud to stock a wide range of white sage incense and smudge sticks from the best brands in Kamini, HEM and Satya. We also stock Palo Santo wood, incense sticks and essential oil. If you have any questions about white sage or Palo Santo, from how we source our products to correct burning techniques, feel free to reach out to our friendly support team.

Ethically Sourced

White Sage And Palo Santo

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