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Why Australian Indoor Hydroponic Growers Should Use LED Grow Lights

November 20, 2017 3 min read

Why Australian Indoor Growers Should Use LED Grow Lights

As Australians, we're very lucky to live in such a beautiful country where sunshine is provided nearly all year round. However, certain variables and business decisions make people decide to grow their vegetation indoors. And with electricity prices higher than most other countries and the heat being pretty darn excessive especially in the tropics, LED grow lights are a perfect solution for indoor gardeners in Australia. Firstly they are now up to scratch and will give growers amazing results with any desired plants or vegetation. Secondly, they produce little to no heat which saves growers running expensive environmental control equipment. And thirdly, LED Grow lights themselves use less electricity per square meter compared to other indoor lights. 

Viparspectra LED Grow Light

LED Grow Lights Are Now Up To Industry Standards

A decade ago, not many people if anyone would have recommended or used LED Grow lights. However over the last 10 years LED grow lights have come a long way and now are the future of growing indoors. Several field studies have shown amazing results with using LED's and the best part is they consume a fraction of the electricity, as much as 70% less. This is a big deal as growing indoors, the largest outlay in costs besides the equipment is electricity. So saving 70% is a big, big deal.

The way LED grow lights work is fairly simple, there are individual diodes which focus specific wave lengths of the light spectrum which is necessary for plant photosynthesis. With a decade of research and tests manufacturers have developed lights which contain all the required spectrum's; giving plant's everything they need to grow and flower. 

Another big benefit of LED grow lights is their life span. Generally speaking LED grow lights will last about 100 times as long as light bulbs and 6-7 times as long as compact fluorescent lights. 

With all this taken in consideration including lifespan of the lights and the deduction of electricity costs - LED grow lights are a must for any Australian indoor grower. 

Which LED Grow Light Should I Buy?

With hundreds of different grow lights on the market it can be a very confusion decision on which light to buy. You can get cheap lights from eBay or Amazon for about fifty bucks, however, with anything in life, you get what you pay for. At The Hippie House, we have been very involved within the LED Grow light industry and have watched it very closely over the last 10 years. With our own testing we're very confident in two brands of LED grow lights, which kind of dominate the market as well. They dominate the market for two main reasons, firstly and most importantly they provide excellent results. Secondly, they won't break the bank like other brands which charge $2000 per light and do the same job. The two lights we're talking about are Mars Hydro & Viparspectra LED Grow Lights.

We're proud to be authorized resellers of both of these brands and use them ourselves with indoor grows and are always getting fantastic results. There's a few different models, sizes and functions you need to be aware of before purchasing to ensure you get good results. The main thing to consider is getting a large enough light for your grow. The other things to take into consideration is whether or not you want your light to have remote control functions. These come in handy as you don't have to fight your way through your plants to get to the lights. 

We have a small team of dedicated hydroponic specialists that are here to help you decide on the right light for your grow. So if you have any questions regarding LED grow lights please don't hesitate to get in touch as this is what our team does all day, every day and we love helping Australian's get their indoor gardens blooming like ours :)

Customer Testimonials

Alex helped me get my current grow upgraded to LED's and so far I'm getting amazing results with the vipar lights. Would highly recommend chatting with him as he's extremely knowledgeable. 

Tony M, Brisbane

I've just received my Mars Hydro light and I'm very impressed so far. Can't wait to get started!!!

Melissa C, Cairns

I sent an email to the hippie house and after a few emails back and forth decided to go for the viparspectra light. The remote is so cool and I love the bright purple lights and so are my plants :) 

Rhiannon J, Adelaide

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