The Best LED Grow Lights Online In Australia

The Best LED Grow Lights Online In Australia

Why Make An Indoor Garden?

At The Hippie House we are green thumbs and love gardening. There's something very rewarding when you start of with a tiny seed and after much love and care end up with a plant that produces fruits and flowers ripe for the picking. It's a beautiful cycle that becomes very addictive and so much so a part of life. 

Living in Australia, we all know that the climate can be a huge issue when growing a garden. Whether it's the continuous days and months with excessive sun and heat where foliage just literally gets burnt alive; or the freezing days and months where plants slowly get frozen - gardening can surely be a difficult task in certain spots within Australia. 

This is why personally, I always have a back up garden indoors these days. There's nothing more painful than having a harvest ruined due to weather, bugs or something out of your control. For instance one of my gardens got completely wiped out back in 2011 by cyclone Yasi. Since that day I have always kept half of my garden outdoors and half of my garden in doors. In the end, Indoor gardens can be life savers in certain situations... like they say never hold all your eggs in one basket.

LED Grow Lights, HID & Fluorescents:

When gardening indoors there are many factors that come into play as you're literally creating an artificial environment for the plants to grow in. You've got to set an ideal temperature, create a medium where the plant can grow and feed in and off course create light for the plants to grow with. Although these three things sound easy enough, when starting out you are sure to miss a few things. My first grow was definitely not a big success and I'm positive I'm not unique in this way. But after the second and third attempt things started to improve. Just like with life, the more times you do something the better you get at it. 

In this blog post we will be discussing lighting. You have a few options to choose from including HID (metal halide (MH) and high-pressure sodium (HPS)), fluorescent lights and LED grow lights.  HID lights have pretty much been the go to lighting for indoor hydroponics for the last decade however we find this is quickly changing. In our opinion LED grow lights will quickly take over and become the norm in the next couple of years. When I first started in 2011 the technology was new and lagged in many aspects. However with a decade of growth in the LED grow light industry we are finding LED grow lights can now out-perform HID lights. 

Fluorescent lights in our opinion just aren't strong enough for a hardy growth and the flowering cycles. They are currently very popular for early stages of growth and propagation however with LED grow lights now coming with dimmers and grow and bloom switches we think over time these functions will remove the need for fluorescent lights as well. Perhaps not for commercial grows but definitely for the home gardener. 

Furthermore, LED grow lights also have two key points that make them an easy choice. Low heat output and electricity consumption. These two benefits of LED's make LED's extremely attractive for Australian's where heat is a huge issue and electricity prices are continuously rising. 

So in our opinion, LED grow lights are the future and it is only the beginning. 

What LED Grow Lights To Buy Online - And In Australia..

Without doing any research it can be a very complicated decision on which LED grow light to buy. With hundreds of different brands and thousands of different models you can end up doing months of research. And really.. who has time to do that. You could have already cropped out once or twice before you've even finished your research!

Luckily, At The Hippie House we've done the research for you and stock an awesome range of different LED grow lights including different brands, models and use cases to make things easy for you. We also only stock the best brands so you really can't go wrong when buying an LED grow light from us. Better yet if you're still confused our team can easily provide you with any of the answers you seek in regards to LED grow lights. 

Comparing LED Grow Lights:

When comparing LED grow lights a main factor is obviously budget. You can get lights for under $200 and some will cost you up to $4000. Big difference right? 

So what's the difference?

It all comes down to technology and branding - like with all electronics. 

We've tested majority of the leading LED grow lights in the world and have found we get good results with most of them (not all). Obviously better results with certain lights but if you've got a plant friendly environment your plants will perform under all the LED grow lights we stock. 

COMMERCIAL Hydroponic GRowers

If you're a commercial grower and the harvests are your lively hood we would recommend forking out on the Black Dog LED grow lights as they're one of the best in the world. They come in 200 - 400 - 600 - 800  and 1000 watts. 

Built in the USA Black Dog LED's are being used heavily in the commercial hydroponic industry and are providing fantastic harvests for many companies. However with this being said they do start at $1099.99 and go all the way up to $3999.99 for the 1000 watt. (prices as of 19-02-2018)

Black Dog LED Grow Light 200 Watt
Black Dog LED Grow Light 400 Watt
Black Dog LED Grow Light 600 Watt
Black Dog LED Grow Light 800 Watt
Black Dog LED Grow Light 1000 Watt
Black Dog LED Grow Lights Australia

Not a commercial grower?

If you aren't a commercial grower we would not recommend Black Dog LED's purely due to the price. If you're just a hobbiest or starting out you can still get great results with other lights which won't break the bank. 

For home growers we recommend either Viparspectra LED grow lights, Mars Hydro LED grow lights or Unit Farm LED grow lights. All three companies have been in the LED grow light industry for over a decade and their lights will give you great results in both the flowering and growth stages. 

They all have a large range of different LED's to choose from depending on what growing area you have to work with. Obviously if you're working with a smaller growing area you would choose a lesser wattage light like a 300 watt. If you're using a larger area you would choose a larger wattage light like a 750 or 1000 watt. Within each of our product descriptions you'll find what area the light will cover in both core coverage and max coverage. 

Viparspectra led grow lights

Viparspectra LED grow lights are affordable and one of our favourites. We get great results in both the growth and flower cycles from their lights and work closely with the company. Furthermore we are also a proud authorized distributor of their lights right here in Australia. This means we offer full warranties and can answer any of your questions or concerns regarding the lights. 

Mars hydro led grow lights

Mars hydro have been in the grow light industry for over a decade and create some great LED grow lights. They have a wide range of different LED's for many different use cases. They also make high quality grow tents which make controlling your environment a breeze. We sell complete mars hydro grow kits as well which you can check out by clicking here

Unit farm led grow lights

Unit Farm, although relatively new on the market make some of the best grow lights we've seen. They cost a little more but you do get only the best cree and osram chips which provide exceptional growth and yields. They're also one of the sturdiest lights we've come across and come with a full three year warranty. Their range of grow tents also exceed people's expectations with their quality being on par with Gorilla grow tents. 

We also offer complete Unit Farm grow kits which you can check out by clicking here. 

Still Confused?

If you're still not sure on which light to buy or have any questions running through your head you are always more than welcome to contact our support. They will assist you with any questions you have and will walk you through the process. You'll be up and running with your very own indoor garden in no time!


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