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Viparspectra LED Grow Light Performance Report - Quick Read

Our Experiment With Viparspectra LED's:



With a flood of LED grow lights on the market many people are confused on which ones to get. Here at The Hippie House we've tested a bunch and have had various successes and failures. 

We tested the Viparspectra V300, V600 and V900 recently and compared them to previous tests using other LED's and HPS lights. What we found was rather interesting with the Viparspectra's - we had lower expectations due to their low prices - especially when compared to other LED grow lights. However we got great growth and yields with all three lights. We hung the lights at 30cm, 50cm and 80cm above the canopy and found we got nice dense, bushy plants with the 30-50cm height. The plants with the light hanging at 80cm resulted in the plants stretching a little and obviously larger node spaces. With this being said we would recommend hanging them between the 30-50cm range. (For the growth cycle we used house and garden hydro A+B Nutrients).

For the flowering cycle we used a mixture of advanced nutrients including bud igniter and bud candy. We were pleasantly surprised again with our plants forming large dense flowers. We've only ever experienced similar results with the Black Dog LED's which is saying a lot when comparing the prices of the lights. We then used flawless finish to flush out the plants and the harvest was a very big success. 

 Overall, the Viparspectra performed above our expectations within both the grow and flowering cycle. The lights are built very well, perform well and do exactly what they are meant to do. With a bit of love, care and knowledge about hydroponics you can and will get great results with Viparspectra's LED's.


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