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Sanlight Flex II 20W | Propagation LED Grow Light | Set Of 2

Sanlight Flex II 20W | Propagation LED Grow Light - SET OF 2

The SANlight Flex II 20W is a sleek and extremely powerful LED lighting solution specific to the propagation phase of growing plants.


  • Compact and lightweight design
  • Low-wattage
  • Cool operating temperature
  • Broadband light spectrum
  • Operation of several luminaires with one LED driver
  • Waterproof IP68
  • Homogeneous wide beam distribution 113-133°
  • Rectangular light distribution

This pair of low powered LED grow lights work perfectly in smaller shelving systems or compact growing racks they output the perfect amount of light for seedlings and cuttings during the foundational phase of growing.

The light spectrum of the SANlight FLEX II series is exceptionally broad and has a balanced far-red to red ratio. This not only accelerates rooting in cuttings, it also strongly promotes plant vigour at the beginning of a plant's lifecycle.

In addition, it can also be used in a wide variety of indoor plant displays like ornamental growing cabinets, glass greenhouses or grow tents and grow room displays. 

The slimline design of the sealed heatsink ensures efficient and passive cooling, this LED light bar remains cool even during operation. It has IP68 protection rating, which allows the SANlight FLEX II to be used between plants as supplemental lighting where no light would otherwise reach! 

This greatly improves the quantity and quality of your harvest at all levels in the plant canopy.

This is one of the very few propagation grow lights that offers perfect light distribution, even in small spaces between the mounted light source and plant canopy. The compact height reduces the space required between shelf levels.

The SANlight Flex II LED grow lights can be connected directly to each other with the supplied connecting T-Cable . The mounting bracket can also be moved for convenient installation.

This makes the SANlight FLEX II an extremely efficient and flexible light system for any application such as germination of seeds, vegetating clones and plant cuttings and indoor ornamental plants.


  • 2 x 10W SANlight Flex II light bars
  • 1 x Connecting T-cable
  • 1 x 45W Driver (IP65 rating)


  • 547mm(l) x 33mm(w)  
  • 280gms 
  • 3 Year Warranty