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10 Inch Revolution Silenced EC Fan | 250mm

10 Inch Revolution Silenced EC Fan | 250mm

Discover the latest innovation from Systemair - the Revolution Silenced V2, engineered to be a game-changer in the world of ventilation. Designed to be lighter, quieter, and packed with all the advantages of the original Revolution fan, this fan is a true revolution in airflow technology.

Silent Power, Unmatched Performance The Revolution Silenced V2 is more than just a fan; it's the ultimate sound-absorbing marvel with a silent motor and double-balanced blades. Whether you choose the powerful AC model or the economical and efficient EC model, you're guaranteed outstanding performance and airflow.

Ingenious Sound Reduction We've tackled the noise issue with precision. The sealed housing of the Revolution Silenced V2 is a breakthrough solution, purpose-built to drastically reduce the noise of the airflow. Our engineers have incorporated a special sound-reducing foam that doesn't absorb moisture or dust, ensuring consistently quiet operation for your ventilation system.

Cutting-Edge Engineering The Revolution Silenced V2 boasts powerful, aerodynamically optimized blades and guide vanes that generate fast, high-pressure airflow. While such efficiency can often lead to noise, our fan's innovative housing design minimizes sound, enhancing your comfort.

Built to Last German engineering excellence is evident in every detail. The Revolution Silenced V2 features metal flanges securely integrated into the housing, forming an impenetrable seal. The fan, flanges, and silencing tube all combine into a light, sturdy, molded outer body that further reduces noise.

Unmatched Features for Your Convenience

  • The most efficient fan on the market is now the quietest.
  • Expect outstanding performance and airflow.
  • Our sealed housing prevents leaks and guarantees reliability.
  • Hanging brackets make installation a breeze.
  • It's incredibly lightweight, ensuring easy handling.
  • An IEC cable is conveniently attached.
  • Fully serviceable, offering peace of mind.
  • Enjoy maintenance-free operation.
  • Proudly made in Germany, a hallmark of quality.
  • Your purchase is backed by a 2-year warranty, adding to your confidence.

Elevate your ventilation system with the Revolution Silenced V2 from Systemair - where innovation meets silence, and performance knows no bounds.

Model Fan Type Power Consumption (Watts) Airflow (m³/h)
EU-RVS150ECV2 Revolution Silenced V2 80 764
EU-RVS160ACV2 Revolution Silenced V2 83 788
EU-RVS200ECV2 Revolution Silenced V2 128 1345
EU-RVS250ECV2 Revolution Silenced V2 132 1787
EU-RVS250ELCV2 Revolution Silenced V2 174 2102
EU-RVS315ECV2 Revolution Silenced V2 174 2224
EU-RVS150ACV2 Revolution Silenced V2 28 420
EU-RVS160ACV2 Revolution Silenced V2 28 431
EU-RVS200ACV2 Revolution Silenced V2 80 956
EU-RVS250ACV2 Revolution Silenced V2 236 2039
EU-RVS315ACV2 Revolution Silenced V2 232 2111