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10 Pack Of 8 Gram Boveda Humidipaks - 62%

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10 Pack Of 8 Grams (Medium) Boveda Humidipaks - 62% 

These 8 gram boveda satchels keep optimal humidity levels for up to 30 grams (per each satchel) of dried botanicals and are very popular among cigar smokers.

2-way Humidity Control : Boveda 62% Humidipak comes with a 2-way technology with 62% relative humidity of (+/-1) accuracy. This product attains the desired humidity within 24-48 hours.

Safe For Use : This 8g Medium Boveda 62 %Humidipak is FDA approved, environmentally friendly, made of all natural and completely harmless chemicals. It's biodegradable and will not cause any environmental pollution when disposed of.

Preserve Herbs : This product is designed effectively to preserve your herbs, flowers, cigars and other items in your stash by excellently controlling the humidity around them.

Long Lasting : 8g Medium Boveda 62% Humidipak will last approximately 6 months and over 1 year in an ideal airtight condition ( Replace your Humidipak when they start to feel granular).