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Cypress Essential Oil

100% Pure Cypress (Cupressus sempervirens) Essential Oil 

Cypress Health benefits and uses: 

Cypress oil is used in the treatment of Rheumatism, cellulite, muscle tension and spasms, nervous tension, haemorrhoids and spasmodic cough. Cypress oil is also an excellent deodorizer.

The  Cypress oil is has a woody, sweet but clarifying and refreshing scent that calms and grounds. The properties of Cypress oil are astringent, antispasmodic, diuretic, expectorant, deodorant, vasoconstrictor and haemostatic.

Effects on the mind:

Cypress oil strengthens and calms the nervous system in times of great change or transition, when you feel overburdened such as a major career change, moving house or at the end of a close relationship. Cypress oil supports and protects and helps you to leave everything that drains you emotionally and spiritually behind.

Effects in the body:

Due to Cypress oil astringent and vasoconstrictive properties it is beneficial  to treat varicose veins and haemorrhoids and to relieve tired aching or swollen legs. Make a massage blend of Cypress oil, lemon and Calendula infused oil and massage into your legs in a gentle upwards motion.

As a strong astringent  Cypress oil  in a massage oil blend or therapeutic bath helps to detoxify and reduce cellulite. Cypress oil in a massage oil blend is helpful to treat rheumatic aches and pains and swollen joints.

Used as inhalant in a steam bath, vaporizer or a few drops of Cypress oil under the pillow  it helps to alleviate coughs, bronchitis,  asthma and other spasmodic coughs.

Cypress oil stimulates oestrogen secretion and regulates the menstrual cycle, helps relieve painful periods and reduces abnormally heavy periods like in early menopause. Cypress oil is also helps to teat fluid retention.

In skin care Cypress oil as astringent and deodorant used in a footbath relieves excessive sweating and odour. In a facial oil Cypress tightens enlarges pores, strengthens and protects capillaries and balances oily spongy skin.

Metaphysically Cypress oil cleanse the spirit, removes psychic blocks and supports and protects.

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