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250ml Miron Glass Jar With Humidity & Temp Monitor

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250ml Miron Glass Jar With Humidity & Temp Monitor | Professional Grade

Exclusive item - only found at The Hippie House

Our 250ml Miron Glass Jar with Humidity & Temp Monitors is the ultimate storage solution for preserving and protecting your valuable goods. 

Constructed from 100% food grade Miron glass, this jar ensures the highest level of safety and purity for your stored items. Its deep violet colour acts as a natural filter, blocking harmful UV rays while allowing beneficial light to enter. This unique feature provides optimal protection against light degradation, preserving the potency, flavour and aroma of your medical herbs.

In addition to its exceptional light blocking properties, this jar is 100% airtight, sealing in freshness and preventing any air exchange that could compromise the quality of your herbs. Its secure closure effectively locks out oxygen, moisture and external odours ensuring your precious herbs stay fresh and potent for longer periods.

The Miron Glass Jar with Humidity & Temp Monitor goes a step further by incorporating a cutting edge digital display that accurately measures humidity levels from 0 to 99%, as well as the temperature. This feature allows you to monitor and maintain the perfect environment for your medical herbs, preventing mold, mildew and other forms of moisture related damage.

Not only is this jar designed for optimal preservation, but it also offers a discreet and smell proof solution. The airtight seal effectively traps any strong aromas within the jar, preventing them from escaping and preserving the integrity of your stored herbs.