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Rose Essential Oil

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1X 12ml Bottle - 100% Supreme Quality Essential Oil  - ROSE -  Rosa

Rose essential oil is a type of essential oil generally used in aromatherapy. Rose possesses healing properties that are very important to use for a number of health-related issues.

Aromatherapy practitioners have proven that inhaling rose essential oils or absorbing essential oils through the skin, transmits messages to the Limbic system. It is a part of the brain that is responsible for controlling emotions and affecting the nervous system. These messages are regarded to affect biological aspects such as blood-pressure, stress-levels, breathing and heart rate.

Products containing rose essential oils when applied directly to the skin are believed to reduce signs of old age, hydrate skin, clear acne, and help with skin problems such as skin inflammation and eczema. Rose essential oil is commonly praised as an aromatherapy remedy for anxiety, depression, headaches and menopausal symptoms. 

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