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6 Inch Grofan Ventilation System With Carbon Filter

6 Inch Grofan Ventilation System With Carbon Filter Bundle

This all-in-one bundle has everything you need for your ventilation system, allowing you to put the focus on growing!

The 6 Inch Grofan Ventilation System With Carbon Filter Bundle includes:

  • 1x Grofan 6 Inch Mixed Flow Inline Fan.
  • 1x Filtaroo Carbon Filter - 150mm X 500mm - 6 Inches.
  • 2x Quick Release Clamp - 6 Inch.
  • 1x Heavy Duty Hangers Pair (1 pair = 2 pcs).
  • 1x Mammoth Carbon Filter Hanging Straps - 1 Pair.

Grofan 6 Inch Mixed Flow Inline Fan with 2 Speed Setting

The Grofan 6 Inch energy efficient mixed flow inline has been designed for use with rigid and flexible ducting. Offering 2.5 times the pressure of conventional axial fans, the Grofan 6 Inch Inline Fan is more compact than others on the market, making it ideal for many ducted applications. The impeller blade design with guide vanes provides optimum pressure characteristics while simple connectivity and quiet, efficient running provides the complete solution. The Grofan Mixed Flow In-Line fan can operate in both horizontal and vertical positions and can be mounted to meet its optimum performance. It has a Hi-Lo in built fan speed control switch to suit your application.

Grofan 6 Inch Mixed Flow Inline Fan Features:

  • Compatible with 6″ round air ducts.
  • For ventilation systems requiring high pressure, powerful air flow and low noise level.
  • Casing is made either of durable ABS plastic or polypropylene with low flammability, UV- and corrosion-resistant properties.
  • Special casing design enables easy dismantling of impeller and motor block without air ducts detaching to facilitate fan servicing.
  • Double-speed single-phase ball-bearing motor with thermal overload protection.
  • 3-position (low speed/OFF/high speed) speed switch.
  • Wall or ceiling mounting with included mounting plate.
  • Ideal solution for mounting into limited spaces thanks to compact design.
  • Supplied with factory pre-wired AU power cord, ready to plug in.


Filtaroo Carbon Filter - 150mm X 500mm - 6 Inches

Filtaroo carbon filters have everything you would expect from a premium carbon filter. Manufactured using only the finest Australian mined carbon, the Filtaroo Carbon Filter offers minimal pressure drop while maintaining high performance in-air scrubbing. The Filtaroo™ Filter also comes supplied with a free extra pre-filter, further improving durability.

The Filtaroo™ Filter gets the best Australian charcoal (carbon) virgin in the world - extracted from old deposits millions of years in age. Coal is selected and screened only for Filtaroo™ Filters, so the carbon filter is much better balanced than other filters on the market. Filtaroo's Australian coal RC412 has the best absorption capacity on the market with 1 gram of carbon RC412 covering up to 1000m².

Filtaroo Carbon Filter Features:

  • Easy to install pre-filters.
  • Less dust.
  • Cylinder filled with virgin carbon.
  • Light weight aluminium green collar.
  • Metal Mesh for maximum air flow.
  • Premium carbon for pure air flow.


Quick Release Clamp - 6 Inch

Quick release clamp to connect hydroponic 6 inch equipment. This quick release clamp can be used to connect any Hydroponic Aluminium Ducting, PVC Ducting, Acoustic Ducting, Extractor Fans, Carbon Filters, T-Pieces or Fan Silencers - basically anything with a 6 inch diameter!

2 Heavy Duty Hangers - 68KG Capacity

A pair of heavy duty hydroponic hangers with 68kg weight capacity (2pcs = 1 pair).

Hydroponic Hangers features:

  • 8' braided polypropylene rope.
  • Secure items quickly and easily.
  • Never breaks, slips or rusts.
  • Great for hoisting and securing.
  • Max Weight 68kg or 150lb per pair.


Mammoth Carbon Filter Hanging Straps - 1 Pair

Mammoth Straps are made of heavy duty nylon and are perfect for suspending small to medium sized carbon filters in a grow tent / grow room.

Hanging Straps Diameter: 55cm (2 per pack).