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6 Inch Hyper Fan + 150mm X 600mm Phresh Carbon Filter Set

6 Inch Hyper Fan + 150mm X 600mm Phresh Carbon Filter Set

This premium quality hydroponic ventilation kit includes the regular 6 inch hyper fans and a phresh 150mm X 600mm carbon filter. Perfect for grow rooms, grow tents this reliable ventilation kit is hard to beat!

Hyper Fans:

Hyperfan is the latest technology available in mixed-flow fans. Hyperfan utilise aircraft "taper blade technology" to fully optimise the aerodynamic movement of air over the fan blade.


  • New 9 pole digital EC "Brush-Less" motors
  • High fan efficiency @7.85CFM per watt
  • Higher linear airflow output than other fans
  • Higher static pressure output than outer fans
  • Detachable, fully variable speed controller included
  • Sturdy, steel housing and Abec 7 ball bearings
  • 0-10V controller compatible via RJ9 or RJ11 cable

The importance of pressure (pa):

Static pressure is one of the most important factors in ventilation design. Simply put, static pressure refers to the resistance to airflow in a ventilation system's components and ductwork. The push of the air must be greater than the resistance to the flow. The higher the fans static pressure rating (pa) the greater it's ability to remove either hot or stale air from the environment.

150MM Hyper fan has it covered with 545pa on tap, one of the highest static pressures of any fan type. This coupling of taper blade technology optimised laminar stator design and "next gen" 9 pole digital EC motors results in a fan that delivers unrivalled high pressure, more linear airflow, quieter operations and the highest energy efficiency.


Size: 150MM (6" Inch)
Max Air Flow: 560 M^3/h - 330CFM - 156 LPS
RPM: 5000
Amps: 0.3A
Weight: 1.9KG
Noise: 66 dBA
Fan Pressure: 545Pa/iwg2.2"
Diameter: 150MM (6" Inch)
Width: 204MM (including mounting bracket)
Length: 140MM
Housing: Stainless Steel
Blade Design: Mixed flow - laminar blade
Climate Rating: T
IPX Rating: IPX2

Phresh Filters:

Phresh Filters are world renowned as the very best carbon filter canister available. Using only sieved and de-dusted Australian activated carbon, every batch is analysed and tested to ensure it meets 950ID or higher. All carbon particle sizes are 4/12 US mesh or larger, ensuring the highest achievable airflow ratings. Every canister is weighed after manufacture to ensure consistency with every single filter made. Expect a minimum of 2 years life and up to five years life span in low humidity environments.