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8 Inch Hyper Fan + 200mm X 800mm Phresh Carbon Filter Set

8 Inch Hyper Fan + 200mm X 800mm Phresh Carbon Filter Set

This premium quality hydroponic ventilation kit includes the regular 8 inch hyper fans and a phresh 200mm X 800mm carbon filter. Perfect for grow rooms and grow tents this reliable ventilation kit is hard to beat!

Hyper Fan:

Hyperfan is the latest technology available in mixed-flow fans. Hyperfan utilise aircraft "taper blade technology" to fully optimise the aerodynamic movement of air over the fan blade.

  • Size: 200MM (8" Inch)
  • Max Air Flow: 1230 M^3/h - 725CFM - 342 LPS
  • RPM: 4000
  • Amps: 0.7A
  • Weight: 2.8KG
  • Noise: 69 dBA
  • Fan Pressure: 560Pa/iwg2.25"
  • Diameter: 200MM (8" Inch)
  • Width: 248MM (including mounting bracket)
  • Length: 170MM
  • Housing: Stainless Steel
  • Blade Design: Mixed flow - laminar blade
  • Climate Rating: T
  • IPX Rating: IPX2

Phresh Filters:

Phresh Filters are world renowned as the very best carbon filter canister available. Using only sieved and de-dusted Australian activated carbon, every batch is analysed and tested to ensure it meets 950ID or higher. All carbon particle sizes are 4/12 US mesh or larger, ensuring the highest achievable airflow ratings. Every canister is weighed after manufacture to ensure consistency with every single filter made. Expect a minimum of 2 years life and up to five years life span in low humidity environments.