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Smudge Stick - Eucalyptus

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Australian Made Eucalyptus, Tea Tree, She Oak & Wattle Smudge Stick

Proudly made in Australia from native plants. This awesome smudge stick is a combination of eucalyptus, tea tree, she oak and wattle. It's an amazing smudge stick that's ideal for healing and health purposes. It's approximately 25cm in length and wrapped in a non toxic string. 

It can also be used as a druid in your ceremonies, to bless and cleanse a house and even to cleanse outdoor spaces that are in some kind of energetic funk.  This multi purpose smudge can even be used practically as a blessing for your garden at the start of the growing season - as a way to remove hostile energies from chickens and other animals who aren’t getting along or to pass among friends before sharing a meal.  They are a great way to bring a bit of ceremony and the sacredness into the everyday!

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