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Atomic 15 - Foaming Sanitiser - No Rinse

Atomic 15 Foaming No Rinse Sanitiser (495ml)

Go To War On Bacteria and Micro-organisms!
NATA Laboratory tested and proudly made in Australia, Atomic 15 No Rinse Sanitiser is perfectly suited for brewery sanitisation and passivation processes.
Named after the atomic number for phosphorus, the Atomic 15 formula works as a highly effective phosphoric based sanitiser on pre-cleaned surfaces including stainless steel, plastic, glass and heavy duty silicone. Use in accordance with recommended dilution levels and contact times.
The foam produced at recommended dilution rates is safe to leave in contact with your brewing vessels without rinsing and will not impart off flavours or aroma to your beverage. The foam can be metabolised by yeast and will act as a yeast nutrient.
Great value, makes over 300L of sanitiser when diluted as recommended. Includes handy two compartment measuring bottle.
Atomic 15 is NOT suitable for use on soft metals such as aluminium, copper or brass.
Phosphoric Acid …………………………………………......…..50%
Dodecylbenzene Sulfonic Acid ………..….....…..…..15%
Inert Ingredients ……………………………………………....…35%
Prior to use, pre-clean contact surfaces with detergent followed by a rinse to ensure all gross debris are visibly removed. Prepare a solution of 1.5ml sanitiser to 1 litre of water by adding the sanitiser volume to the water volume. This yields approximately 300ppm of anti-bacterial surfactant which is sufficient in preventing harmful bacteria such as Escherichia Coli and Staphylococcus Aureus from growing on contact surfaces.

Upon correct dilution, the sanitiser can be applied onto surfaces with a clean cloth, sponge, spray bottle or by immersion. When in surface contact, allow the sanitiser to remain wet for at least 1 minute. For best results, leave in contact for 15 minutes.

Corrosive. Causes eye irritation or skin burns. Harmful if swallowed/inhaled or absorbed through skin. Wear protective clothing and gloves to avoid skin and eye contact. Remove and wash contaminated clothing before reuse. Do not mix sanitiser with hydroxides and chlorinated products as toxic fumes will form.

If inhaled: Move victim to areas with fresh air or good ventilation. If victim feels unwell, call a Poison Centre (13 11 26 AUS) or local doctor for treatment advice.
If on skin or clothing: Take off contaminated clothing and immediately flush with lukewarm water for up to 10 minutes. Call a Poison Centre (13 11 26 AUS) or local doctor for treatment advice.
If in eyes: Immediately flush contaminated eyes with lukewarm, running water for at least 15 minutes with eyelids open. If contact lenses are present, neutral saline solution ma be used during the flush. Immediately call a Poison Centre (13 11 26 AUS) or local doctor for treatment advice.
If ingested: rinse mouth with water, do not induce vomiting.

Store in a cool, dry, well-ventilated area free of sunlight. Keep the container fully closed and away from foodstuffs. KEEP OUT OF REACH OF CHILDREN.

Container is not refillable or reusable. Rinse container and caps thoroughly with water until no residual bubbles are showing. Empty the container and dispose as a recyclable.