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Automatic Self Contained Fire Extinguisher - 2 Kilo

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2 Kilo Automatic Self Contained Fire Extinguisher With No Wiring Or Plumbing

The two kilo Flame Defender is a fully self contained and automatic fire extinguisher. It requires no wiring or plumbing - simply hang it from the mounts and you're fire safe. 

The flame defenders are becoming very popular for people who are growing indoors at home and are worried about the fire risk. And who wouldn't be. In a complete grow room you've got hot lights running, fans, water pumps, dehumidifiers, oxygen generators and what ever other gear your operating. While generally speaking it's usually safe, you can never be too careful.

These automatic fire extinguishers can be easily hung within a grow room and grow tent. It will automatically detect temperatures above 68 degrees Celsius and from there will automatically release a dry chemical non-flammable powder which extinguishes fires. 

The Flame defenders are available in 2kg, 6kg and 12kg. We've outlined their coverage below:

  • 2 kilo flame defender has a 4 foot coverage
  • 6 kilo fame defender has a 6 foot coverage
  • 12 kilo flame defender has a 7.7 foot coverage

(The 6kg and 12 kg extinguishers can be found in our store)