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Avert Easy Wipes

Avert Easy Wipes - 80 Wipes

Let these Avert Easy Wipes do your dirty work! The ultimate in wiping away smells, these 100% solution soaked wipes come out of the container fully saturated and ready to wipe. Easily remove resins, oils, grime, and other stubborn or stinky soils from many surfaces with Avert easy wipes.

Avert Easy Wipes' unique formula breaks the bond between dirt and surface, removing the need to apply elbow grease.

Avert Easy Wipes features:

  • 80 multi-purpose, pre moistened cleaning wipes
  • Quick drying – No residue
  • Removes resins, oils, grime and other stinky smells
  • Great for use on hands, tools, surfaces, vapes and more