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Avert Fresh Foil Bag - 1lb / 460g

Avert Fresh Foil Bag - 1lb / 460g

These Avert fresh foil bags take the classic zip-lock bag to the next level, providing the safest, most hygienic and smell-proof resealable bag on the market. Thanks to their mylar aluminium construction, odours are locked in and your herbs are kept as fresh as the day you picked them. The bag can be ironed shut for long-term storage with zero leaks when packaging products. The seal can be torn at a later date where the bag can continue to be used with its deluxe zip-lock feature.

Avert Fresh Foil Bag Features:

  • Airproof / moisture proof.
  • Viewing window for product inspection.
  • Mylar aluminium foil laminates prevent smell and taste from permeation.
  • Resealable to retain smell and taste inside for multiple consumption.


Avert Fresh Foil Bag Dimensions:

  • 1lb / 460g = 356mm x 420mm