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Beer Font Tower - Quintuple Tap Modular Beer Font with Tap

Keg King Quintuple (5) Tap Modular font set provides a fantastic looking, professional finish to any bar or beverage sales location.
These fonts work great for mounting on our Super Deluxe series of professional grade under-bar fridges.
Each Keg King Modular Font is constructed from 304 Stainless Steel and manufactured to be assembled with 2 inch tri-clover fittings.
Keg King Modular Font Kits are designed to work with our 3/4 inch Kinglok fittings that provide users the ability to disconnect their taps quickly and easily for maintenance or cleaning.

The Keg King Quintuple (5) Tap Modular Font Kit comes with everything you need to set up a single tap modular font and includes the following:
5x Ultratap
1x Modular Font 2 inch Stand Pipe
7x 2 inch Tri Clover Silicone o-ring Beaded Seal Double Sided
2x 2 inch Tri Clover End Cap (no hole)
1x 2 inch Tri Clover Tee Extension x 3/4 Female
4x 2 inch Tri Clover Straight Extension - 3/4 Female
5x KingLok Female x 3/4 Male (Font Adaptor)
7x 2 inch Tri Clover Clamps
5x SL6 washer
5x 6mm Angle barbtail Stainless Steel
5x Kinglok Male x Tap Shank Adaptor
1x Triple Beer Line Set
1x Double Beer Lline Set
5x Premium Liquid Disconnect Black
5x Premium Gas Disconnect Grey
Instruction Diagram Available HERE

Material = 304 Stainless Steel
Height = 360mm to top of font (not including tap handles)
Width = 570mm
Works well with the KegMaster Super Deluxe Two Door, KegMaster Super Deluxe Two Door XL or KegMaster Super Deluxe Three Door
If you have your fridge mounted under a bench, we recommend using our Under-Bench Telescopic Font Adaptor

PLEASE NOTE: The 3/4inch Male threading on the KingLok fitting contains a black silcone o-ring at the top of the threads. This o-ring DOES NOT need to seal up against the top of the 3/4inch female modular font port. The o-ring will normally sit slightly above because of the Kinglok fitting compressing against the SL6 washer. This is normal. If you find the o-ring visually displeasing you can remove it from the Kinglok fitting.