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Bio Diesel Crystal Clear - 5L

Bio Diesel Crystal Clear - 5L - Coco Flush And Brix Enhancer

Achieve Pristine Growing Media with Crystal Clear Coco Flush

Crystal Clear Coco Flush is the answer to effectively remove excess fertilizer buildup in coco fiber and peat-based soils. It's formulated with a blend of complex sugars that not only help eliminate unwanted salts but also elevate Brix levels and stimulate terpene production, enhancing the color expression of your plants leading up to harvest.

Key Benefits:

  • Fast and Effective Flush: Crystal Clear flushes out bonded mineral salts rapidly, ensuring your plants have a clean slate for optimal nutrient uptake.
  • Enhanced Color Expression: Ideal for use as a final flush, it enhances color expression in your plants, making them look their best at harvest.
  • Residual Fertilizer Removal: Eliminates harsh fertilizer residuals, preventing any unwanted aftertaste or impact on plant quality.
  • Terpene Boost: Elevates terpene profiles and enhances flavor, ensuring your harvest is bursting with aroma and taste.
  • Clears Nutrient Pathways: Restores plant nutrient pathways and reserves, promoting healthy growth.
  • Water Efficiency: Unlike traditional flushing methods that require substantial water volumes, Crystal Clear minimizes water usage while achieving the desired results.

Say goodbye to locked-up minerals and nutrient deficiencies. Crystal Clear Coco Flush efficiently breaks the ionic mineral bond within your growing media, unlocking nutrient uptake and drawing out plant reserves. Achieve pristine growing conditions with reduced water usage and enjoy the enhanced quality of your harvest.