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Bio Diesel Premium Max Air 70/30 Coco Blend | Full Pallet

Bio Diesel Premium Max Air 70/30 Coco Blend | Full Pallet 

Pallet Contains 45 50L Bags

The Growers' Favorite: Premium Coco and Crushed Volcanic Perlite Mix

Experience the ultimate growing medium, loved by growers everywhere! Our blend combines 70% premium coco with 30% crushed volcanic perlite. The finely crushed perlite creates a distinctive media composition that boasts exceptional air and water retention, all while maintaining a compact structure. This unique blend offers a forgiving, fast-growing medium that guards against root rot, nutrient lockout, and facilitates effortless flushing.

Key Advantages:

  • Air and Water Balance: Holds a perfect balance of air and water, promoting healthy root development and growth.
  • Tight Structure: Maintains a tight structure while offering excellent aeration, preventing common cultivation issues.
  • Prevents Root Rot: Guards against root rot and nutrient lockout, ensuring your plants thrive.
  • Easy Flush: Facilitates easy flushing when necessary, supporting plant health.

Bio Diesel has partnered with Simply Organics Spain, a renowned leader in organic coco fiber production since 2003. Their production facilities in India, situated far from coastal areas in a salt-free environment, ensure low EC levels and freshwater washing, preserving natural Trichoderma. Our Bio Diesel Coco products surpass the old Dutch RHP certification, boasting the esteemed KO GUARANTEE, certifying their cleanliness, salt-free nature, sustainability, and eco-friendliness. These coco products are "double washed" and treated with a special Calcium and Magnesium buffer to provide your plants with the perfect start.

Discover why growers everywhere choose this premium coco and crushed volcanic perlite mix for superior growth and plant health.