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Bluelab Guardian Monitor Connect + Connect USB Stick

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Bluelab Guardian Monitor Connect And Connect USB Stick Set

Bluelab Guardian Monitor Conntect:

The Bluelab Guardian Monitor Connect is the smartest and most effective reservoir monitor you will ever own! Using the Guardian technology, it provides 24 hour continuous readings for pH, conductivity (EC/ppm/CF/TDS) and temperature; now with the Connect capabilities your Guardian can data log these critical parameters! 

Using the Bluelab Connect stick , the Guardian will pair with Bluelab's own custom software to view and record desired data about your cultivation. This can allow you to better gauge the different aspects of your facility and how effective your fertigation processes may be. 

Bluelab Guardian Monitor Connect units are designed for user practicality. They can be effectively used in recirculating or run-to-waste hydroponic systems or for a variety of water control purposes such as aquaponics or aquaculture. 

Guardians also feature plant-safe green LEDs so you can safely mount inside your cultivation facility without worry of disturbing a plants night cycle. Bluelab also incorporated a clever silent alarm system which lets you know if any parameters are unacceptably high/low using visual displays.

The Guardian Monitors are recognised worldwide for their reliability and accuracy, don't risk a valuable crop using cheap imitations!


  • Data logging capability 
  • Free Bluelab Connect Software available online
  • View data and current status remotely via Google Docs (A computer with permanent internet access is required)
  • ‘Plant safe’ green LEDs
  • Large easy to read display
  • No calibration required for conductivity and temperature
  • Simple push button pH calibration
  • Selectable values for conductivity and temperature
  • Flashing high and low alarms
  • Greater tolerance to RF /electronic interference provided
  • Water resistant design
  • International power supply included
  • Replaceable double junction pH probe included
  • Adjustable display brightness
  • Non-volatile memory
  • Compatible with Bluelab Connect Stick and Bluelab Connect Range Extender

    Ensuring your pH is correct allows for your crop to uptake nutrients efficiently. Without monitoring your pH and EC levels, you're essentially growing blind. pH and EC measurement are basic tools on the belt of a hydroponic farmer.

    pH is a measurement of the acidity or alkalinity of an aqueous solution and should always be monitored in hydroponic/aquaponic cultivations to ensure that your plants are able to uptake nutrients effectively. EC is a measurement of the conductivity of water, or the amount of dissolved mineral nutrients in a solution. 

    Bluelab tools are convenient and accurate for home or commercial growers! 

    Bluelab is a New Zealand based manufacturer that is globally recognised. They have been engineering water measuring technology for over 30 years! 

    Bluelab Connect USB Stick:

    Get connected – data log and view nutrient measurements from your crop wirelessly.

    The Bluelab Connect Stick receives wireless data from Bluelab Connect Monitors, logging the data to the cloud. ONE Connect Stick will receive data from multiple Bluelab Connect Devices.

    Simply place the Connect Stick into a USB port on your computer, download and install the FREE Connect Software to begin monitoring crop performance wirelessly. View readings from your PC or mobile device so you know if your crop requires attention.

    Add other Bluelab Connect devices to your connect software at the click of a button.

    Bluelab USB Connect Stick Features:

    Data logging capability (when used with Bluelab Connect Products, sold separately)
    Free Bluelab Connect Software available online
    View data and current status remotely via Google Docs (a computer with permanent internet access is required)

    Bluelab USB Connect Stick Specifications:

    System requirements:
    Microsoft Windows XP or greater for Bluelab Connect Software.
    Internet connection for remote access & data logging to the cloud.

    Indoor - Up to 20 meters
    Outdoor - Up to 50 meters

    Frequency Band:
    2.4GHz ISM

    Connector Type:
    USB Type A

    Supply Voltage:
    5V from USB port of PC