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Bluelab Sample Tube and Fitting Kit

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Bluelab Sample Tube and Fitting Kit

The Bluelab Sample Pot allows you to place probes directly into the chamber for direct measurement of nutrient solution. It is perfect to use when reservoir is located more than 2 meters (6.5 feet) from your controller unit. All fittings are included for complete convenience.

Customise Your Growing Setup

With the Bluelab Sample Pot, you’ll be able to measure your reservoir parameters – even when you’re working within a large growing environment. This sample pot has been specially designed for setups where your reservoir is more than 2 metres or 6.5 feet away from your controller unit.

To start monitoring your parameters, simply place your controller unit’s probes directly into the Bluelab Sample Pot chamber for direct measurement of your nutrient solution. For the ultimate convenience, all the fittings you need are included with your Bluelab Sample Pot.

Bluelab Sample Pot compatibility

The Bluelab Sample Pot is compatible for use with all the following products: Bluelab Guardian Monitor, Bluelab Guardian Monitor Connect, Bluelab Guardian Monitor Connect Inline, Bluelab pH Controller, Bluelab pH Controller Connect, Bluelab Pro Controller, Bluelab PeriPod and Bluelab Dosetronic models.