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CarboAir Carbon Filter 250mm X 1000mm

CarboAir Carbon Filter 250mm X 1000mm

CarboAir has swiftly become a game-changer in the industry, redefining filtration standards within just four years. Renowned for leading in quality, performance, and purity, CarboAir stands head and shoulders above the competition.

The company's mission was to seek out the world's highest-quality filter that seamlessly integrated with Systemair's ventilation range. The key to their success lies in the careful correlation between carbon size and mesh size. Extensive testing led to the creation of what they believe to be the ultimate filter range, meticulously designed to meet the most demanding needs of their valued customers.

CarboAir sets itself apart with virgin activated carbon so pure that it carries certification for human consumption applications, ensuring the complete absence of heavy metals. Their chosen filter mesh eliminates the need for an internal nylon mesh, enabling unimpeded airflow. The quality approval from Systemair further underscores their exceptional filters.

Key Features:

  • Eliminates the most stubborn odors
  • 55.5% open mesh design
  • Handcrafted and sealed in the heart of Europe
  • Boasts pure virgin activated granular carbon
  • Equipped with convenient hanging brackets
  • Rigorously laboratory-tested for peace of mind
  • Backed by a solid 2-year warranty

Compact and lightweight, CarboAir's 50 filters excel at air purification, effectively removing volatile organic compounds (VOCs) while maintaining optimal airflow. Initially conceived with smaller grow rooms in mind, this range has evolved to cater to larger grow room applications, maintaining the same high-quality standards you expect from CarboAir.

Discover the CarboAir difference:

  • Handcrafted with care in Europe
  • Includes a machine washable pre-filter for your convenience
  • Comes with a dependable 2-year warranty, guaranteeing performance and peace of mind.
CA50-100-330 100mm 330mm 410 m3 /h RVK100A1, AIR 100 AC, K100 M, K100 XL, K100 EC PF50-100-330
CA50-125-330 125mm 330mm 480 m3 /h RVK125A1/L1, AIR 125 AC, K125 M, K125 XL, K125 EC PF50-125-330
CA50-150-330 150mm 330mm 600 m3 /h RVK150A1, AIR 150-160 AC, K150 M PF50-150-330
CA50-150-660 150mm 660mm 1150 m3 /h RVK150L1, K150 XL, K150 EC PF50-150-660
CA50-160-500 160mm 500mm 1000 m3 /h RVK160A1, K160 M, K160 XL, K160 EC PF50-200-500
CA50-200-500 200mm 500mm 1000 m3 /h RVK200A1, AIR 200 AC, K200 M PF50-200-500
CA50-200-660 200mm 660mm 1350 m3 /h RVK200L1, K200 L, K200 EC PF50-200-660
CA50-250-500 250mm 500mm 1200 m3 /h RVK250A1, K250 M PF50-250-500
CA50-250-660 250mm 660mm 1650 m3 /h RVK250L1, AIR 250 AC, K250 L, K250 EC PF50-250-660
CA50-250-1000 250mm 1000mm 2500 m3 /h PF50-250-1000
CA50-315-660 315mm 315 x 660mm 2100 m3 /h RVK315A1, K315 M, K315 EC, K315 ECL PF50-315-660
CA50-315-1000 315mm 315 x 1000mm 3100 m3 /h AIR 315 AC PF50-315-1000
CA50-315-1200 315mm 315 x 1200mm 3850 m3 /h PF50-315-1200