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CE Masks - Disposable - 50 Pack

Disposable CE Masks - 50 Pack

3 Layered Face Mask

1. Surface layer: the non- woven fabric with finer density and stiffness than the inner layer is used as the surface layer. When wearing, it is only conductive to the initial filtration, but also conductive to the bulge between nostril and the lips, improving filtration ability and breathing space

​2. The middle filter layer: the fine microporous melt blown non-woven fabric is used as the filter layer, effectively filtering particles, viruses and bacteria.

3. The inner layer: the soft skin friendly neutral non woven fabric is used as the inner layer, soft and comfortable touch.


3 Layer folding
Material 20+25+25 gsm
Dust Protection
Micro particles
Size: 17.5 x 10.5cm
Nose Fix wire: 10.5cm
0-Cut shape elastic ear band

Packing Specifications:​