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Celtic Pentacle Altar Cloth

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Celtic Pentacle Altar Cloth / Tapestry - 90cm x 90cm

Tapestry Dimensions: 90cm x 90cm. 

From the name above, you can get the feeling of holy presence and spiritual freedom. The Celtic pentacle altar tapestry is a beautiful way to express and explore your beliefs in witchcraft and paganism. Use the Celtic pentacle design to make your statement as a lover of witchcraft. It gives your home a beautiful look and also a spiritual presence. Imagine this sacred piece hanging on your wall or windows; imagine the decor on your table. This is a pure work of professionalism inspired by the appreciation for sanctity, spiritual freedom and strength.  The vintage design will make your home beautiful and relaxed as well as giving it a sacred feel.

This handmade decor will hang freely on your walls, windows, and tables. The tapestry is made of fine cotton and therefore washable and is easily managed. It defines you and your taste in art. Your friends would love it, and your home will embrace the beauty it gives.