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Satya White Sage Incense Cones

Satya White Sage Incense Cones - 120 Cones Per Box.  

Satya White Sage incense cones are made by the same people that make the famous nag champa incense. From purifying a space with negative energies, to inducing a sense of calm and feeling of peace, white sage incense is the ultimate spiritual healer. Whether it’s a bad day at the office or you just need a general cleanse, the intoxicating aroma of white sage creates a purifying scent that significantly improves your overall well-being. 

We sell out of Satya's nag champa, white sage, super hit, fresh rose and super sandal incense cones very quickly so we've started selling them in bulk lots to ensure your incense stash doesn't run out over night. All our incense cones are sold in 120 cone packets.