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Current Culture UC 6XL

Current Culture UC 6XL - 6 Plant Under Current System

Size: 0.98m x 2.45m

The Current Culture UC 6XL is a revolutionary hydroponic system that utilizes patented Sub-Current Culture technology to produce healthier, more productive plants. This system is perfect for hobbyists and commercial greenhouses alike, as it can accommodate up to 6 plants in 2 rows. The Under Current system is known for its impressive yield potential, with increased growth rates and reduced vegetative times. It's also highly efficient, conserving water and requiring less frequent nutrient change-outs. The system comes with a proven nutrient formula, Cultured Solutions, which is custom formulated for the Under Current system and provides stable pH, clean, highly chelated nutrients for optimal plant growth. Additionally, the UC 6XL is low maintenance, with pH, EC/TDS, and solution temperatures staying uniform throughout the system. It can also be easily adapted to pH and nutrient dosers, top-off reservoirs, and water chillers. Experience the benefits of the Under Current system for yourself with the Current Culture UC 6XL.



Prolific Yield Potential:

  • Increased growth rates produce larger overall plants and drastically reduced vegetative times
  • Higher productivity with fewer plants

Increased efficiency

  • High levels of aeration and constant circulation optimize plants nutrient uptake capacity
  • Conserves water and necessitates less frequent nutrient change-outs

Proven Nutrient Formula

  • Our Cultured Solutions premium plant nutrients are custom formulated specifically for the Under Current® system and high-performance hydroponics Cultured Solutions® are pH stable, clean and highly chelated

Reduced Maintenance

  • pH, EC/TDS and solution temperatures stay uniform throughout the entire system
  • Easily adaptable to pH/nutrient dosers, top-off reservoirs and water chillers