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Everyday Hemp Healing Kit

Everyday Hemp Healing Kit By The Good Oil

This package features four amazing items and they all are made with the goodness of hemp seed oil. The package includes a hemp hand and body lotion, a hemp and mandarin cleanser, a hemp pore refining spray and a natural hemp herbal deodorant. 

It makes a great gift idea for anyone who is into clean living and loves organic and natural beauty items. 

Hemp Hand, Body And Nail Repair: 

A natural everyday lotion designed to help your skin feel softer and look more vibrant. Designed to return skin to beauty. Cooling yet mositurising this cream is a must for dry skin.

Hemp And Mandarin Cleanser:

A delicate moisturising cleanser full of essential fatty acids and vitamins.
Experience a soft, dewy complexion after clearing away all traces of grime and makeup. Both cleansing and moisturising, this cleanser will provide your skin with vitamins, minerals and essential fatty acids for healthy skin.

Hemp Pore Refining Spray:

A refreshing herbal spritzer used to soothe, heal and balance all skin types.
Natural minerals help to calm irritation and assist in the preservation of worn skin cells resulting in skin firmness.

Hemp Herbal Deodorant:

A fresh spray containing herbal extracts designed to deodorise body odour and protect your skin for up to 12 hours. Aluminium free containing marshmallow and chamomile extract. This deodorant works for 12 hours and is totally natural.