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Fohse's 06i Greenhouse LED Grow Light

Fohse's 06i Greenhouse LED Grow Light 

FOHSE introduces the 06i model, a powerful 1200-watt LED greenhouse light designed to revolutionize greenhouse illumination. This compact and high-performance light is built to maximize photon density, leading to increased carbon assimilation and ultimately, higher biomass production. The 06i stands out in the market by offering more photons in each footprint than any other greenhouse light.

Key Features:

  • Efficient Photon Density: The 06i is designed to provide an abundance of photons in the greenhouse environment, enhancing carbon assimilation and promoting biomass growth.
  • Easy Transition: Transitioning from an HPS greenhouse system to the 06i is hassle-free, as it doesn't require an overhaul of existing electrical or truss infrastructure.
  • Greater Output: The 06i outperforms a 1000-watt DE HPS system with 50 percent greater output, ensuring higher yields.
  • Enhanced Efficiency: It boasts 42 percent greater efficiency while eliminating the infrared spike that generates unnecessary heat.
  • Light Harvesting Sensors: Equipped with Light Harvesting sensors, the 06i measures natural light in the greenhouse. It can automatically adjust its output in real time, making incremental changes as small as 1 percent to adapt to varying light conditions.
  • Wireless Control: The system operates via wireless internet and can be easily controlled using a mobile app, providing convenience and flexibility to greenhouse operators.
  • Advanced Cooling: The 06i employs both passive and active cooling mechanisms, featuring aircraft-grade aluminum heat sinks and two highly efficient variable-speed fans to maintain peak LED efficiency.
  • Humidity Protection: Designed for damp environments, the system is protected against fluctuating humidity and features an IP67 rating, safeguarding sensitive electronics from condensation-related issues.
  • Easy Maintenance: Unlike competing models, the 06i allows fixture owners to hose down their fixtures post-harvest without the need for removal.

The FOHSE 06i 1200-Watt LED Greenhouse Light is a game-changer for greenhouse growers, offering unmatched photon density, efficiency, and adaptability to changing light conditions. This innovative lighting solution aims to maximize yields and simplify the transition to LED technology for greenhouse operations.