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Fohse's Aries LED Grow Light | 640W | Commercial Graded

Fohse's Aries LED Grow Light | 640W | Commercial Graded

FOHSE, known for its industry-leading LED grow light technology, introduces the Aries 640W Home Garden LED Grow Light, designed to cater to the demands of home growers. This fixture incorporates the same advanced technology that powers the A3i model, ensuring superior performance and efficiency for home cultivation.

Key Features:

  • Intra-Canopy Illumination: The Aries addresses the common issue of low output and poor canopy penetration in earlier LED models. It focuses abundant PAR light onto the canopy using polycarbonate focal lenses and utilizes swiveling light bars to achieve maximum canopy penetration through cross illumination to neighboring grow plots.
  • Never Buy Another Bulb: Unlike traditional bulb-style grow lights that pose hazards like burns, waste, and breakage, the Aries offers a reliable and long-lasting solution. Say goodbye to the hassles of bulb replacements.
  • Friendlier Heat Management: The Aries emits no 'Infrared Spike' in its spectrum, resulting in significantly less heat radiating down onto and potentially damaging the canopy.
  • Dustproof & Watertight: Built to withstand the rigors of grow environments, the Aries is impervious to hitchhikers such as dust, mites, aphids, and spores. It can even endure full submersion in up to 1 meter of water.
  • Full Cycle Fixture: The Aries is designed with three distinct spectral modes to cater to each stage of your crop's growth cycle, from vegetative to early flower and late flower.
  • Fixture Control Made Simple: The Fohse Central Control module is required to operate the Aries LED grow light, and one module can control up to 100 fixtures (controller sold separately).
  • Easily Integrates with Your Environment: Installation is straightforward, and transitioning to high-intensity LED lighting is made easy, with expert support available for growers new to this technology.

Detailed Specifications:

  • Wattage and Power: The Aries operates at 640 watts (+/-30 watts due to common variability in driver consumption), measured at the plug.
  • Voltage Options: It comes in two voltage options, with the Low Voltage Model accepting 100v up to 277v and the High Voltage option accepting 250v up to 480v.
  • Amperage at Full Power: Amperage varies based on voltage, ranging from 5.3A @ 120V to 1.33A @ 480V.
  • Efficacy: The Aries offers a standard PPE of 2.8 at Max Power, increasing to 3.0PPE when dimmed to 50%. It provides a standard average max PPF output of 1,792 uMols.
  • LEDs: The fixture features 301H 3500K diodes from Samsung (for warmer colors), 301H 6000K diodes from Samsung (for cooler colors), Hyper Red 660nm diodes from Osram, and Far Red 730nm diodes from Osram.
  • Suggested Installation Distances: Height should range from 1ft (minimum distance to canopy) to 6ft (maximum distance to canopy), with spacing of 4ft (minimum center-to-center distance) to 5ft (maximum center-to-center distance).

The FOHSE Aries 640W Home Garden LED Grow Light brings the power and efficiency of commercial-grade fixtures to home growers, ensuring exceptional results and simplified cultivation.