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Fohse's LED Grow Light Controller

Fohse's LED Grow Light Controller 

Fohse Central Control: Streamlined Management for Your LED Array

Fohse Central Control is an advanced system that simplifies the management of your Fohse LED lighting array. With this central control system, you can automate various aspects of your grow lights, making it easier to maintain optimal conditions for your plants. Here are some key features of Fohse Central Control:

Key Features:

  • Daisy Chaining: You can daisy chain up to 100 fixtures per controller, and even more with signal repeaters if needed. This allows you to control multiple fixtures simultaneously, streamlining your operations.

  • Automated Lighting: Fohse Central Control enables you to automate lighting schedules, brightness levels, and spectrum settings. This automation ensures that your plants receive the right amount and type of light at different stages of their growth.

  • Wall-Mounting Bracket: The system includes a wall-mounting bracket for easy installation. This bracket helps you secure the controller in a convenient location within your grow room or facility.

  • Compact Size: The controller's compact size, measuring 9 x 6.7 x 1.68 inches, makes it easy to integrate into your setup without taking up much space.

  • Standard 240-Volt Outlet Plug: The controller can be connected to a standard 240-volt outlet plug for power, ensuring compatibility with most electrical systems.

  • Low Power Consumption: The input power for the controller is just 10 watts, making it energy-efficient and cost-effective to operate.

Fohse Central Control simplifies the management of your Fohse LED lighting system, allowing you to fine-tune your grow lights for optimal plant growth. Whether you need to adjust lighting schedules, brightness, or spectrum settings, this system provides the automation and control you need to support your plants throughout their growth cycle.