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Fohse's Scorpio LED Grow Light | 1000W | Commercial Graded

Fohse's Scorpio LED Grow Light | 1000W | Commercial Graded

The FOHSE Scorpio 1000-Watt LED Grow Light is designed to deliver exceptional yields in close-to-canopy, single, or multi-level growing environments. This powerful fixture incorporates the same advanced technology as the renowned A3i model, ensuring high efficiency and exceptional performance.

Key Features:

  • Intra-Canopy Illumination: The Scorpio addresses the common issue of low output and poor canopy penetration in other LED models. Its swiveling light bars enable maximum canopy penetration through cross illumination to neighboring grow plots.
  • Zero Bulb Change Expenses: By switching to the Scorpio, growers can eliminate the ongoing costs associated with replacing HPS bulbs, including labor, hazardous waste fees, cleaning, and the bulbs themselves. The Scorpio is built to last.
  • Innovative Heat Management: With thousands of square inches of heat-dissipating surface area, the Scorpio remains cool to the touch even when running at full power. It offers superior heat management compared to HID systems.
  • Efficiency Done Right: The Scorpio achieves impressive photosynthetic photon efficacy (PPE) figures, thanks to an abundance of diodes that prevent individual diodes from running less efficiently.
  • Safe to Handle: Unlike traditional HPS grow lamps that generate substantial heat, the Scorpio remains safe to handle. At full power, it reaches a temperature similar to that of a sink full of dishwater.
  • Dustproof & Watertight: The Scorpio is designed to withstand the harsh conditions of grow environments, remaining impervious to dust, mites, aphids, spores, and even full submersion in up to 1 meter of water.
  • Power Surges Ready: The Scorpio is equipped with double protection against electrical overload scenarios, ensuring the safety of your setup.
  • Spectral Distribution: Designed to mimic natural sunlight, the Scorpio offers spectral distribution tailored to the demands of cannabis plants, with modes for spring, summer, and autumn growth stages.
  • Easy Integration: Installing and using the Scorpio is straightforward, making it suitable for both experienced and novice growers. Expert support is available for those new to high-intensity light levels.

Detailed Specifications:

  • Wattage and Power: The Scorpio operates at 1000 watts (+/-30 watts due to common variability in driver consumption), measured at the plug.
  • Voltage Options: It comes in two voltage options, with the Low Voltage Model accepting 100v up to 277v and the High Voltage option accepting 250v up to 480v.
  • Amperage at Full Power: The amperage varies based on voltage, ranging from 8.3A @ 120V to 2.08A @ 480V.
  • Efficacy: The Scorpio offers a standard PPE of 2.8 at Max Power, increasing to 3.0PPE when dimmed to 50%. It provides a standard average max PPF output of 2,800 uMols.
  • LEDs: The fixture features 301H 3500K diodes from Samsung (for warmer colors), 301H 6000K diodes from Samsung (for cooler colors), Hyper Red 660nm diodes from Osram, and Far Red 730nm diodes from Osram.
  • Suggested Installation Distances: Height should range from 1ft (minimum distance to canopy) to 6ft (maximum distance to canopy), with a spacing of 5ft (minimum center-to-center distance) to 7ft (maximum center-to-center distance).

With its combination of efficiency, innovative design, and durability, the FOHSE Scorpio 1000-Watt LED Grow Light is a top choice for growers seeking exceptional results in multi-level growing environments.