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Geopot Fabric Garden Pot - 38L (10 Gallon)

Left Coast Geopot Fabric Garden Pot - 38L / 10 Gallon

Size: 38 Litres / 10 Gallon Pot

Dimensions: 16" diameter x 12" height

* NOTE - We do receive velcro strapped and handled Geopots from the factory depending on what stock is available. If you require a particular type please reach out to our support and we'll check what's avaialble for you. 

Geopots are a breathable fabric plant container / pot that air prunes your roots when they reach the edge of the container. They are cleverly designed to be reusable and you can easily empty the root system and medium once the plant has been harvested.

Geopot fabric pots are extremely popular as they air prune the plants roots once they hit the side of the pot. Once this happens the plant then creates new fibrous feeder roots. These roots are more efficient in taking up water and nutrients allowing the grower to have healthier, stronger plants and larger yields during harvest time. The porous fabric also allows air into the root zone and provides great drainage, creating a healthy environment for the roots.