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GL 400W MH Magnetic Ballast

Growlush 400 Watt MH Magnetic Ballast

Gardeners and professional Growers are looking for reliable results from their HID lighting needs, look no further than a high quality and long lasting Magnetic Ballast! Its straightforward heavy duty quality and highest insulation level of Class-H. Highlight its easy operation, with headache-eliminating plug and play with 220/240-volt supply. This 400-watt Metal Halide Ballast includes a 220-240 volt power cord. Suitable for all MH lamps rated at 130V 3.25A.

 GL 400W MH Ballast Features:

  • 400W MH CE Certified, enclosed control Ballast.
  • Metal case capacitor is used for long lasting performance.
  • Free standing on bench with rubber feet to reduce noise and vibration when it operates.
  • Feature one suitable output socket, making it compatible with all reflector lamp cords.
  • Simply insert the appropriate MH 400w lamp into reflector and plug & Plug.
  • All our magnetic ballasts are built for 10 years life with a 5 years warranty.
  • Comes standard with a 220 – 240V power cord.
  • The ballast is made from sturdy, powder-coated, steel housing with cooling louvers all around.


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