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Green House Hybrid Nutrients - 500g

Green House Hybrid Powdered Nutrient - 500g

Green House Powder Feeding Hybrids is a powerful hydroponic or soil nutrient solution!

Designed for plants with a typical lifespan (8-10 week flower). Hybrids is a single-part, complete powdered fertiliser solution. Powder Feeding Hybrids provides optimum development for the complete life cycle of the plant!

Designed for use in both vegetative and floral stages of growth!

Powder Feeding contains all the required macro and trace elements required for rapid and lush healthy plant growth. The Hybrid formula would be best used for plants with a standard flowering period (8-10 weeks) or any heavy fruiting or flowering crops.

GHSC Powder Feeding can be successfully used in hydro/coco or soil applications.

For best results consult the relevant feed chart, available online or in your local hydroponics retailer.

Application Rate: 1g per 1L