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Grodan Rock Wool Cube With Hole - 15 X 15 X 14cm

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Grodan Rock Wool 8G Block With Hole - 15 X 15 X 14cm 

The Hugo Block is one of largest size rockwool cubes that you can get, giving your plant lots of space to root. Bigger roots, bigger fruits! Hugo Block can be used to grow plants in from start to finish, placed into an NFT or other styles of hydroponic grow-system.

• HUGO blocks measure 15 x 15 x 14cm approx
• Premium quality rockwool from the worlds largest supplier
• Perfect for transplanting and medium sized plants.
• Often referred to as a 6” cube with hole
• Grooved based for improved drainage
• Can be used for direct seed or clone sowing, ideal with Floraflex 6” Floracap 
• Blocks can also be placed on top of a Slab for larger growing volume