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Grow Genius | Silicon + Mono-Silicic Acid | 10ml

Grow Genius | Silicon + Mono-Silicic Acid | 10ml - Makes 333L

Grow-Genius 40% Mono-Silicic Acid: The Ultimate in Plant Strengthening and Protection

Unlock the power of silicon and mono-silicic acid – the essential components often missing in plant nutrition and protection, and invaluable to all gardeners.

Mono-silicic acid represents the most efficient and effective form of silicon available to gardeners, and Grow-Genius presents an exceptional value with its 40% mono-silicic acid solution.

Key Benefits:

  • Plant Reinforcement: Silicon fortifies plants, providing robust protection against insect and mold attacks on leaves and flowers.
  • Cell Wall Strength: Strengthened cell walls enable faster growth, confer resistance against various forms of stress (both biological and environmental), and reduce water loss.
  • Natural Pest Deterrent: Silicon wears down the mouthparts of pests, from mites to caterpillars, leading to significant reductions in the need for pest control measures, both indoors and outdoors.
  • Fruit Enhancement: Silicon contributes to the development of larger and sweeter fruits with an extended shelf life, often without the need for harmful chemicals.
  • Immediate Bioavailability: Grow-Genius's mono-silicic acid is immediately bioavailable, meaning plants can readily access and utilize it.
  • Organic Compatibility: While not strictly organic, it is compatible with mycorrhizae and bacteria-friendly growing techniques, with minimal impact on beneficial microorganisms.

Most silicon products on the market contain silicates, which take weeks or months to convert into mono-silicic acids that plants can use. Grow-Genius's stabilized mono-silicic acid stands out for its immediate bioavailability, enabling plants to harness its benefits right away.

Made in Scotland, Not China:

  • Rest assured, Grow-Genius is proudly made in Scotland, ensuring quality and traceability.

Harness the power of mono-silicic acid with Grow-Genius, the solution that reinforces, protects, and enhances your plants with unmatched efficiency and effectiveness.