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Growee Nutrient Doser

Growee Hydroponic Nutrient Solution Doser

Growee provides smart solutions for the home grower. The company's innovative development enables it to grow plants via a specially designated application and provides access to the hydroponic growing method that a simple grower perceives as too complicated. Connect the Nutrient Doser to the Hydro Master to get full feeding control.

  • EC Control range: 0.1 - 3.5 us/CM
  • Control resolution: 0.1 us/cm
  • Number of pumps: 2
  • Injection resolution: 1 ml
  • Reservoir size: 15 - 500L
  • Tube size: 4/6
  • Dimension: 14CM X 12CM X 12CM

Nutrient Doser - Automate the plants feeding controlled by the Hydro Master