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Growlush 1000W HPS + MH Dimmable Electronic Ballast

GrowLush 1000W HPS + MH Dimmable Electronic Ballast

Works for both HPS and MH grow systems.

Growlush digital BALLASTS work on 240 voltage automatically and plugs into any standard household outlet! This new Digital Technology is the greatest advancement in hydroponics!

GL 1000W HPS + MH Dimmable Electronic Ballast Features:

  • Suitable for 1000W HPS and MH bulbs of American standard
  • Input frequency: 50-60Hz, Input voltage: 120-240Vac
  • Output frequency: ≥30KHZ, Output Power: 1000W
  • Power factor: >0.99
  • Usage temperature: -40 to 55°C, thermo protection device fitted to 105 degree C and restart at 55 degree C
  • Maximum lighting distance: 15m
  • Dimmable: 4 phase manual dimming, 50-75-100%, and super lumen, or 400w-600w-1000w-superlumen.
  • Prolong lamp life span at least 10%; Energy-saving up to 30% compared with magnetic ballast
  • Protection function: short-circuit protection, circuit protection, overheat protection, lamp failure protection.
  • Soft start and soft switch of dimming, elimination lamp flickering
  • Good regulation against supply voltage variation
  • Constant wattage output if the supply voltage varies
  • Low noise, quiet operation with fan forced cooling
  • CE, FCC, UL, CUL, RoHS are available
  • Size: 400*115*75mm;
  • Weight: 4kgs



      Only professional persons allowed to do below operation.

      • Before assembly & maintenance, please make sure the power is turned off.
      • Before connecting the cord, check the voltage is ok, check the cross section of cord is sufficient in handling the current. Connect earth cable before connecting other cables.
      • This product must be equipped with right HPS and MH lamps as to get higher efficiency, safety and more luminance output.
      • The product is for indoor use only.