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Growlush Eco COB LED - 300W

Growlush Eco COB LED - 300W

The Growlush Eco COB LED 300W features new eco technology for environmentally conscious growers, as well as a cutting edge chips on board (COB) design. The Eco COB is also great for your pocket, saving on electrical costs with high efficiency.  

Featuring COB technology, the Growlush Eco COB LED 300W delivers a new way of packaging LEDs. COB technology is an emerging trend in horticultural lighting where multiple LED chips are packaged together as one lighting module. When the system lights up it looks like one large lighting panel. LEDs have a long lifespan, run cool and help growers save on energy costs. The Eco COB LED lighting systems can increase lighting in grow areas up to 10 times more than traditional grow lights, as well as reducing the uncomfortable glare associated with other lights.

Growlush Eco COB LED 300W Specifications:

  • Broad Spectrum
  • Beam Angle: 90°
  • Input Voltage: AC85-265V 60Hz
  • Dimensions: 295mm x 181mm x 60mm