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Healthy Skin Hemp Cleansing Pack

A Healthy Skin Cleansing Pack With Hemp Seed Oil

First step: Cleanse with Hemp and Mandarin cleanser. This will exfoliate in a gentle and nourishing way.  Apply with finger tips, smoothing the cleanser all over the face and then gently wiping off with a damp face cloth.

Second step: Apply the Toner/Spritzer. Spray all over the face until covered, gently sweep a cotton ball over the skin until the toner has dissolved.  The pores are now closed and the skin should be glowing.  Natural ingredients in the Hemp will accelerate cell production and create a "new skin".

Third step: Apply The Natural Hemp Face Lift Moisturiser to the skin. Dot cream around the face and neck and spread onto the skin until the cream disappears. Immediately a tightening is apparent.

Fourth and final step:  Apply the Magic Eye Gel. Place small amounts on the corner of each eye; continue in a circular motion until the gel has been absorbed. This will tighten around the eye area and dispose of any dark circles.

Your skin is now TOTALLY rehydrated and NEW cells are resurfacing.

Healthy Skin Cleansing Pack contain:1 x Mandarin & Hemp Cleanser, 1 x Hemp & Rose Water Toner/Spritzer, 1 x Natural Hemp Face Lift and 1 x Magic Eye Gel.