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HEM Masala Amber Incense Sticks - 180 Grams

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HEM Masala Amber Incense Sticks - 180 Gram Box

1 X Box Of 12 Packets, Each Packet Is 15grams. Total: 180 Grams

Masala Amber is a beautiful hand rolled incense that is specially crafted in India by HEM. HEM's Masala incense is a high quality incense that is superior in quality when compared to dipped incense. Masala incense always has a purer and better fragrance once burned and is made from natural resins, woods and essential oils. 

We sell our HEM's Masala Amber incense sticks by the box. Each box contains 12 smaller individual packets which is great as it keeps your supply nice and fresh until you need it. It also allows you to save on HEM's Masala Amber incense by buying in it bulk.  

HEM Masala Amber Incense Sticks Feature:

  • 180 grams of Masala Amber incense sticks
  • HEM Masala Amber incense is made from natural ingredients
  • HEM's Masala Amber incense sticks are hand rolled
  • Each incense stick is approximately 23cm long

HEM incense can be found in households across the globe as they are an affordable but yet quality incense. HEM make their incense using traditional Indian methods and each fragrance is skilfully blended together from natural resins, florals, woods and essential oils. Each stick from HEM is hand rolled in their factories in Mumbai and Bangalore, India. They have been operating since 1975 so alongside their experience and strict quality control processes you can be assured you're always going to receive a quality made incense when buying HEM.