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Hemp Home Cleaning Package

An Eco Hemp Home Cleaning Package

This package features three cleaning and sanitising products made for your home including a cleaning liquid, hand cleaner and soap. All products are made with hemp seed oil and are 100% environmentally friendly. They're also super gentle making them perfect for the entire family including children and people with sensitive skin. 

Hemp Eco Clean: 

An eco-friendly product for all household cleaning which is powerful on stains in clothing and great for all bathrooms, bench tops and household surfaces. This formula contains no nasty chemicals. 100% biodegradable in 30 days. Safe for eco toilets.

BayWash Hemp Hand Cleaner:

This organic wash removes stains, grime and dirt from your hands. The unique hemp formula is gentle on sensitive skin and helps to restore moisture.

Hemp Cleansing Soap Bar:

Naturally moisturising and non-toxic. This Hemp cleansing bar is designed to cleanse all skin types without drying the skin.

Made from palm kernel oil noodles (from sustainable forests), hemp seed oil and essential oils, this family sized cleansing bar provides moisture whilst removing grime and dirt.