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Hi-Par Ballast - 1000W

Hi-Par Ballast - 100W - 400V

The Hi-Par Ballast 1000W is the leader of the Hi-Par fleet when it comes to commercial horticultural lighting solutions. Engineered for high performance and rugged durability, the Hi-Par Ballast 1000W are specifically designed for the toughest agricultural conditions.

These ballasts have proven hugely successful when utilised in conjunction with Philips Greenpower, BLV or OSRAM 1000W DE HPS Lamps and will dramatically increase growing yields and efficiency.

Known for outstanding results among commercial horticulturalists, Hi-Par's digital technology is a cut above the rest with premium Japanese capacitors rated for 10+ years of continual use.

Hi-Par provide the latest advances for digital soft start-up automation that safely and reliably ignites HID bulbs with minimal harmonic distortion and attenuation. The ballasts also utilise smart recognition software to prevent hot-lamp restrike and display error messages if there is an issue with the bulb or reflector.

Hi-Par is built tough, and truly engineered for the horticultural connoisseur.

The Most Efficient High Frequency Solution

  • Smart-Ignition software identifies the lamp type (240v/400v) and fires the lamp with optimised ignition and operating currents.
  • Designed for use with DE (double ended) 400V EL lamps.


Pure Performance Machine

  • Premium capacitors rated for 10+ years of use.
  • Hi-Par's most successful 1000W ballast.


Soft Ignition and Random Start

  • Prevents electrical overloads.
  • Improves operational safety and extends lamp life.


Hi-Par Ballast 600W Specifications:

  • HID Digital Ballast – High Frequency (>120kHz)
  • THD: <10%
  • Input 220-240v
  • Intelligent dimming control 60% – 100% or BOOST
  • Highest quality internal components
  • Double-Ended lamp compatibility
  • Strikes 400v HPS horticultural lamp (Philips/BLV/Osram recommended)
  • Smart green LED indicator light
  • Digital random start technology
  • Superior RF Shielding
  • IP 64 Rated for use
  • Low start-up current <6.0A
  • Imax = 5.0A, PF>0.97, CF<1.6
  • 12 Month limited warranty


In the box:

  • 1 x HI-PAR 1000w HID Digital Ballast
  • 1 x HI-PAR Power Cable