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Hi-Par Ballast - 600W

Hi-Par Ballast - 600W - 400V

The Hi-Par Ballast 600W is the leader of the Hi-Par fleet when it comes to horticultural lighting solutions. Engineered for high performance and rugged durability, the Hi-Par Ballast 600W is a great addition to any indoor lighting setup.

Known for outstanding results among hobby and commercial horticulturalists alike, Hi-Par's digital technology is a cut above the rest with premium Japanese capacitors rated for 10+ years of continual use.

Hi-Par provide the latest advances for digital soft start-up automation that safely and reliably ignites HID bulbs with minimal harmonic distortion and attenuation. The ballasts also utilise smart recognition software to prevent hot-lamp restrike and display error messages if there is an issue with the bulb or reflector.

Hi-Par is built tough, and truly engineered for the horticultural connoisseur.

Operates Any HID/HPS/MH 240V or 400V Lamp

  • Smart-Ignition software identifies the lamp type (240v/400v) and fires the lamp with optimised ignition and operating currents.
  • Perfect for HPS or MH lamps, SE or DE.


Pure Performance Machine

  • Market leading PAR/watt output for HPS Technology.
  • More usable PAR/PBAR light per watt than traditional magnetic ballasts.


Soft Ignition and Random Start

  • Prevents electrical overloads.
  • Improves operational safety and extends lamp life.


Hi-Par Ballast 600W Specifications:

  • HID Digital Ballast – High Frequency (>120kHz)
  • THD: <10%
  • Input 220-240v
  • Intelligent dimming control 60% – 100% or BOOST
  • Highest quality internal components
  • Single-Ended or Double-Ended lamp compatibility
  • Strikes 400v or 240v, HPS or MH horticultural lamps
  • Smart green LED indicator light
  • Digital random start technology
  • Superior RF Shielding
  • IP 64 Rated for use
  • Low start-up current <3.0A
  • Input 240v, Imax = 3.0A, PF>0.99, CF<1.6
  • 12 Month limited warranty


In the box:

  • 1 x HI-PAR 600w HID Digital Ballast
  • 1 x HI-PAR Power Cable